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10 things cats love most

orange tabby cat on brown parquet floor

1. Fishing

There is no cat that doesn’t like hunting. For most cats, this may be in the middle of the night, This is really a pity. But don’t yell at her or look at her angrily when she brings you her precious catch. Because this instinctive need helps her to survive. The hunt for Prey is exciting for her, and she will be ashamed to try to stop it.

2. Scratching

We have all seen what our furniture looks like after the cat reaches for it with its paws. Scratching is one of the instinctive behaviors that your cat does for the pleasure of sharpening its claws and marking its territory inside the House. If this behavior becomes a problem, you can get a cat scratcher. And playing with her during the day to release her energy, this may also help reduce this behavior.

3. Sunbathing

Does the cat have a favorite place on the windowsill Sunbathing in the daytime is a favorite pastime for kittens. This is because cats like temperatures that are 20 degrees higher than the ideal human temperature. She is looking for heat and when she finds it she likes to lie in it. This can be any heat source; such as a portable heater, a computer, or the top of a heating vent.

4. Surveillance

Cats can spend hours staring out the window, watching the world from the outside. She is fascinated by objects flying from insects, wind, people and birds.

5. Sleep

As an average value of sleep in cats, they sleep 15-16 hours a day. When she sleeps avoid disturbing her, as this will ensure that you do not put pressure on her or harm her well-being. Always make sure your cat gets a restful sleep.

6. High places

Cats love to watch the world and everything that goes on around them from high places. She also likes to sleep in high places. So consider buying a cat patio with multiple levels. So they can climb. Or buy multi-level cat towers, climbing nets and high shelves to let her explore this desire.

7. Running water

Cats love to drink water from the tap. This is because your cat may be instinctively suspicious of standing water, realizing that standing water is not always safe as bacteria and microbes grow massively in it. It is also possible that running water from the tap tastes better because it is somehow cold. Fortunately, there are plenty of drinking fountains designed for cats to provide cool, running fresh water for your beloved cat.

8. Spending time with family

While cats are considered independent, they are often left alone, they enjoy spending time with their family. Cats will greet you at the door when you arrive, cuddle before bedtime, lick you to show their affection.

9. Gameplay

Cats will play with toys with objects that interest them and also play with you. Despite this, do not rely on games to ensure her happiness, it is better to spend time with her as often as possible.

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Cats need to eat daily, but not in the same way as dogs. She adores food. Prefer fresh food that is new. If your cat regurgitates her food, she tells you that she does not like it, because it may be stale. To keep your cat healthy, change her diet regularly and incorporate small health remedies every now and then. This ensures that she feels loved and cared for.

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Now that you know what your cat loves the most, be sure to take the time to integrate it into her daily life, she is grateful to you for this and will be happier and healthier.

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