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Specifications of the Savannah cat

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Specifications of the Savannah cat

The Savannah cat is one of the most expensive domestic cats in the world; its price sometimes reaches 250 thousand pounds! It is also characterized by a large size in comparison with the rest of the Cats; the Savannah has a long body, long legs, a long slender neck, an almost triangular head, and long, wide ears. It also has a cheetah-like shape with short hair and brown fur dotted with black.

Also, Savannah cats are distinguished by great hunting instincts, so breeding them with other pets such as hamsters, birds, and aquarium fish is cautious. But nevertheless; he is a domestic pet cat like the rest of the cats and gets along safely with other dogs, cats, and humans when raised at home from a small age.

The character of the Savannah cat

The character of the Savannah is a little similar to the character of the dog, he is loyal to his owners and can be trained to walk and tied with a rope also because of his large size, he also enjoys fetch games.

The Savannah breed is distinguished by its extreme love of water and the ability to jump high distances up to almost 2.5 also adores climbing on trees and heights because its hind legs are longer than the front ones.

Savannah also has great intelligence and curiosity, and you will notice this when he opens the doors of cupboards and refrigerators. As for his voice, it is slightly different and is considered a cross between the voice of the Egyptian Mau cat and The Voice of the serval cat.

One of the best ways to play with a Savannah cat is to offer them a large bowl of water and he will keep hitting it until the water is completely emptied from him.

Diseases of the Savannah cat

Fortunately, savannahs do not suffer from genetic diseases like most cats, but they are prone to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

What is the average age of a Savannah cat?

Savannahs live from about 12 to 15 years, sometimes some cats live up to 20 years. It reaches puberty and full size in about 3 years.

How big are Savannah’s cats

The size of this breed reaches almost 15 kilos, and its height reaches almost 40 cm! That is, they are considered the largest species of cats in the world.
Tips on raising a Savannah cat at home
Breeding a Savannah cat at home
Although he is one of the short-haired cats, but his fur should be combed at least twice a week to remove dead skin.
Personal hygiene habits should be established in your cat as soon as possible, such as brushing your teeth and trimming your nails.
It is important to walk your cat on a healthy diet on an ongoing basis.
Although Savannah does not enjoy cuddling like other domestic cats, she does not prefer to be alone for a long time.
Since savannahs are intelligent and curious cats; some toys should be provided for them such as climbing towers, trees, and fetch toys.

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