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5 ideas for dealing with cats you’ve never heard of

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Cats usually make movements and behaviors that may seem strange to us, but they have a meaning and are a sign of attention and the need for attention. In this article we will find out about some of the actions that our feline friends do, what they want to tell us about it and how to deal with it.

Feeling bored

If you are one of those who think that cats are pets that just need to eat and drink, then you are mistaken. It’s about more than food and drink, she needs to fat stimulation labyrinth for cats, and make her active because this is very important for these cute beings to make them happy. And because cats love to enjoy their instinctive nature in hunting, you just need to make a maze for them from the remains of cardboard boxes or unwanted toys, and you can also use toilet paper rolls or tissue paper rolls.

Scratching is normal and necessary

Sometimes your cat may scratch your furniture, and you may consider this behavior not good and that your cat is somewhat naughty. However, scratching is necessary for cats, as they have to scratch furniture and carpets if they can’t find another place to satisfy their desire to scratch, scratching is an instinctive thing in cats.
Scratching not only helps cats moisturize and refresh their nails, but also helps them to tighten their muscles and define their own areas, it is necessary to get a suitable cat scratch for your cat to satisfy her desire to scratch as well as to avoid damage to your furniture. We have already talked about how to choose a cat scratcher, just check out this article How to choose a cat scratcher suitable for your cat

Attention to cat food

Cats are naturally designed to get their water from food. Dry Food dry food has a moisture content of 5-10%, while in wet food this percentage reaches 75%. The latter is a favorite among cats, however, it is expensive compared to dry food, but the safety of your cat is in the first place. So if your pet is showing signs of dehydration or urinary tract problems, try increasing the amount of moisture in his food.

Caring for your cat’s teeth

85% of cats suffer from periodontal disease before they reach the age of six! When gum build-up appears on the surface of the teeth, any redness or swelling on the gums, this often indicates the need for cleaning. You will find most veterinarians provide dental cleaning and care services. In addition to regular cleaning, it is important to establish a regular dental cleaning routine at home. Poor dental care can lead to gum problems which can lead to bigger problems, such as kidney-related problems.

Cats send messages through their cute body

Body language is not just limited to humans, cats also have their share of this language. A cat may express its mood by moving its tail vigorously, or choosing a position for its ears. And just like a human smile, purring can mean that your cat is nervous, worried, or cheerful. The sound of necrosis vibrates at 25-150 Hz, which is also the frequency that helps in physical healing, repairing bones and increasing their density. So when a cat shuts up during a nap, it’s actually working to keep its bones strong!

It is necessary to take care of your cat and understand her actions, this helps to satisfy her needs and make sure that you offer her a good lifestyle and makes her happy. By meeting your cat’s needs and desires appropriately, this will help reduce bad behavior and strengthen the relationship with your cat!

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