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5 reasons why some people prefer to keep cats instead of dogs

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Pets are considered the best friends of man. Some people prefer cats, some prefer dogs, and others prefer other pets. Here are the main reasons why people prefer cats instead of dogs.

1-cats are quiet and not as noisy as dogs

Dogs usually bark at passers-by, and also bark at other animals. And your dog can make annoying barking just because he didn’t get his favorite toy no matter what.

Cats can also make noise during the night when other cats are active as well. It is only a light noise and a pleasant Meow. And all of them are sounds with messages that cat owners can decipher. So they know if their cat is hungry or just wants a cuddle and a tease !

2 – taking care of cats is less effort compared to dogs

Both cats and dogs are considered to need special care by their owner. They need to devote time and effort in order to make their pets adapt to the new home, as well as provide an adequate diet in addition to doing some training. Do not despair if you are deprived of sleep in the first weeks with a new kitten or puppy.

Although both need good care and special attention, dogs require abundant time and considerable effort for their constant training. While cats adapt quickly, they learn the basics of using a litter basket and can be left unattended during the day.

While you are away from her, it is better to leave the cat in a room where she will not get into trouble. And at least make sure that the cat is safe, it is limited to a smaller area, where it will not be able to destroy anything.

3-cats drive pests away from your home

Cats are able to cope with any harmful insect that enters your home. They are skilled hunters who fiercely hunt and attack their prey. It is the duty of the owner of cats not to allow their pet to eat his catch, be it a mouse or others. These cats with this work give you a pest-free home. And this is one of the many advantages of having cats as pets. Moreover, the smell of a cat can prevent rodents from invading her home because when these pests feel a hunter inside, they turn back.

4-Cats are clean

Most dogs like smelly things like feces, garbage, dead animals. Plus she likes to roll her body on it. For this reason, dog owners need to bathe and care for their pets on a regular basis, which can cost a lot.

The advantage of cats is that they clean themselves. Cat owners can take care of their pets from time to time with a brush and cut their nails whenever necessary, but this is not necessary as cats can keep them clean all the time.

5-cats respect personal space

Dogs often don’t want to play when they come home from a trip or from work, but they continue to follow you wherever you go. And they insist on playing.

Cats are sometimes known to be cold and distant but they know what personal space means and respect that. They do not crave the attention of the people around them, so the family can find time to relax after work.

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