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6 Things that cats do seem strange!

tabby cat on ledge

You often find cats doing strange things ! You may see it as you pass by her or when watching your cute cat. Maybe you find her sleeping in strange places, horny, other horny, she likes boxes and other strange things. In this article you will learn about 10 strange things your cat does and you will also discover the meaning behind doing it.

1. Making spontaneous jumps

When your cat performs this behavior, he shows the ability, lightness and vitality that he has. Rushing and bouncing off sofas and beds is nothing more than some routine exercise. This may be surprising, but a cat can reach 48 km / h. If your cat has never left the house, it’s perfectly normal to blow upits energy with such unexpected jumps.

2. Rubbing her head on you

No doubt you like the moments when your cat approaches you, starts rubbing its head and rubbing with you. You may think that this is a wonderful show of affection, indeed it is, she expresses her affection and confidence in you, so she tries to stick her scent with you. She loves you, as cats with this behavior consider you one of them.

3. Bringing dead animals into the House

Sometimes you may be surprised that your cat brings a dead bird into the house and puts it on your feet. This is also one of the strange things that cats do. According to experts, cats love to share their prey with you. Just as you share your home and food with her, so do she. Let your cat know that you are part of her family. She is grateful for the love you give her and brings her prey as a gift to you.

4. Stare at its owner

You may feel that someone is staring at you, and when you turn around, your cat is staring at you. You do not know what you are thinking or how you will behave in the following moments. Don’t be afraid, she’s not trying to hypnotize you or control your mind, but maybe she just wants to get your attention. To provide her with food and affection.

5. Doing a facial tattoo

Cats are inquisitive pets by nature, they love the smell of everything. In this case, she carefully sniffs your face, and your face is a strange business for her and she likes it. There is no explanation for this, if your cat wants to sniff your face then let her do it, this is positive behavior towards you.

6. Take a break in exotic places

Cats tend to sleep a lot, they may fall asleep on your computer keyboard. No matter how uncomfortable or cold it may be boxes, books or sinks

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