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Five benefits of cat massage, ” cat massage “

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The benefits of cat massage

Many studies have proven that massage has many benefits for humans and it is also useful for animals, especially cats. Cat massage for some may seem strange. However, massage has benefits for both the cat and its owner.

Cat massage can not only be used as a natural remedy for some diseases, it can be an ideal way to a comfortable life by applying it in the daily routine. There are many benefits cat massage offers that need to be talked about, so :


1 – feeling relaxed

Relaxation helps to provide both mental and physical rest, as it reduces stress. It has been proven that it relieves anxiety and aggressiveness in nervous cats, as these cats become more accustomed to human interaction and feel quite comfortable towards them and are positively rewarded by the physical benefits of massage. It also makes cats feel calmer, which relieves them of shocks and avoids depression, for example.

2. improve blood circulation

Cat massage stimulates the muscles and tissues of the body, which helps to increase blood circulation, which leads to improved blood flow well. Increased blood circulation allows more oxygen to reach the tissues and if there are any wounds, inside or outside the body, this oxygen will promote faster and more comfortable healing. It has also been proven that massage improves range of motion and lowers heart rate. This also relieves muscle spasms and reduces toxic compounds such as lactic acid that cause pain and discomfort.

3-spend quality time with your cat

Who among us doesn’t like petting cats, we really like it. A great massage session for your cat is important to have a great time with her and it is probably even more wonderful if you have many cats, undoubtedly, such sessions will help to maintain the strength of the bond with her. We are eager to strengthen the relationship with her and make her trust us more. This will help make her feel comfortable being around us.

Cats are creatures that like to be independent, but this does not mean that they do not need human attention. Many times, our cats want to spend a lot of time with us and play with us and we are actually able to provide that to them and continuously whatever our preoccupation is.

4-early detection of some diseases

Cat massage often helps in the early detection of many things that your cat may be suffering from.massaging your cat’s body makes you able to feel wounds that you cannot see through the cat’s coat, or any lumps or bumps that may develop inside your cat’s body, making it feel pain that you do not know the source of. Thus, you can take notes when massaging your cat and notice what is abnormal in her, which will help the veterinarian identify and treat the problem. Therefore, early detection is a very important thing in the detection and treatment of many diseases.

5-improve your health together

A cat massage is also good for you. Some studies have shown that petting animals in general and cats in a special way actually improves human health, reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, makes the mood good. That’s why we find cat owners are often happier compared to others! Petting cats also significantly improves both mental and physical health.

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