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The 8 best healthy foods you should feed your cat : the best food for cats

Cats are considered one of the small and intelligent animals. They are curious animals and are always interested in what humans do or eat. If you own a cat, you will no doubt notice that she is very interested in your special food. However, some foods can be harmful to your cute cat.

Cats love to eat dairy products, such as milk and cheese, but away from these foods it is necessary to avoid giving them other human food in case it may perform them.

Although cats should eat cat food in the first place – which is specifically designed to meet their health and digestive needs-there are some human foods that can actually be great additions to a normal diet for domestic cats.

Here are some human foods that you can feed your cat.

The following dietary suggestions should not replace your cat’s basic food, but only as supplements to her diet.. They should be given only in moderation and under the guidance of a veterinarian.

1. cooked eggs

It also contains a lot of vitamin B, which is healthy for cats.In her illustration for Animal Planet, Dr. Elizabeth culran said Dr. Elizabeth Colleran, president of the American Society of cat practitioners (AAFP), said that some cats can be allergic to eggs, so make sure you give them very little first to check for any allergic reaction.
It should also be taken into account that the eggs are well cooked before cats eat them., And also make sure that there are no traces of chance in the egg!

2-stewed meat

It is quite normal for your cat to be interested in meat. They, like their counterparts from big cats (leopards and Tigers), are designed to get their nutrition from meat. They are considered primarily meat-eaters, and not vegetables and carbohydrates like humans.

Protein extracted from meat helps cats to have healthy hearts and reproductive systems, as well as good eyes. Always make sure that there are not too many spices in the stewed meat served to your cat, and always make sure that the meat is fully cooked!
Be sure to carefully inspect and chop all the meat before serving it to your pet.

3. fish

Dr. Tina Wismer explains Dr. Tina Wismer, medical director at the ASPCA Center for animal poisons, that salmon is present in a lot of commercial cat food.

The omega-3 fatty acids contained in them are good for the cat’s eye, and fish can have other health benefits as well.

You should not feed your cat any raw fish, as it can make her sick. Also, avoid feeding her from the Can ; this may injure her tongue!

4-fresh vegetables

Your cat may want to eat fresh vegetables, they are great for some of the Cats. Fresh vegetables contain a lot of vitamins and fiber, which can help with overall health and digestion.
Maybe many cats don’t like vegetables, but if your cat likes it, feel free to let her. Sometimes cats chew on house plants, which can be harmful to them because these plants may be poisoned. If you notice that your cat does this, then small portions of vegetables can be a good option for your cat instead of those plants. We mention asparagus or broccoli, baked carrots, winter squash, green beans, chopped greens, just be sure to always wash them thoroughly before serving them to your cat.

5. cheese

Cottage cheese and other dairy products are rich in protein, however, that dairy is not as good for cats as meat (although they definitely like it)

Although many cats love dairy. However, many cats are lactose intolerant and cannot process dairy products properly.

Some cats may be able to eat dairy products without a problem, so if your cat is feeling well, you can feed her cheese and other dairy products as it will be a good source of protein. But it will not be a full-fledged substitute for cat milk .

If you are not sure how your cat will react to dairy products, try giving her a small amount – if she has any kind of stomach upset, this means that she is lactose intolerant.

6-fish oil

If you don’t want to feed your cat fish, a good alternative isadd fish oil to her food. According to veterinarian Dr. Jeff Werber Dr.
Fish oil can give your cat a healthy and shiny coat.

7-fresh fruit

As we said earlier, if you notice that your house plants are always chewing, fruit can be a great option for them. Although many cats don’t like fruit, it’s actually healthy for them.

Cantaloupe is especially good for cats because it has a high content of antioxidants and beta-carotene, which can help maintain the health of the cat’s skin and eyes.

Watermelon is also considered useful. When feeding your cat this fruit, always make sure to remove the seeds first, and feed it only small amounts of fruit. Cats are primarily designed to eat meat, so their bodies can only process small amounts of fruit and vegetables at a time.


Bread can be a good source of fiber and protein for cats, but try to avoid white bread. Instead, feed them whole wheat bread, or bread with whole grains.

Always monitor what your cat eats and make sure repeatedly that there are no garlic and onions from the foods you offer your cat. Because you might damage her.

And always be sure to talk to the vet before changing the diet of your pets, and always offer them safe and human food in moderation.

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