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The most expensive cat breeds in the world, you will not imagine the price!

selective focus of Siamese cat

Cats are considered the most popular pets in the world, and they are characterized by their multiplicity of breeds, which makes their prices also vary from Breed to breed. The price in some breeds may reach 20,000 dollars, but this does not stand a barrier and does not restrain the desire of cat lovers and those interested in these pets, they may spend thousands of dollars on a purebred cat and do not care about expenses, especially when it comes to the happiness of their cats.

In this article we will list for you the most expensive breeds of cats in the world. Some prices may seem great to you, but they are reasonable, some cats are worth it and more. However, in any case, you may get your favorite type at a reasonable price, or you may adopt one of the homeless cats and rescue it from the street and you may find that it belongs to the types of expensive breeds mentioned in this article, who knows !

Ragdoll Ragdoll

The price of such a cat ranges on average from 850 dollars to 2500 dollars, and depending on the type of cat and its age, this price may increase or decrease. This cat is distinguished by its blue eyes and white coat with a brown or gray mask.

Scottish Fold ear-folded Scottish Fold cat

The most characteristic feature of this cat is two forward folding ears. He is also considered a very friendly cat and is distinguished by his calm character. The price of such a cat varies on average between 1000 dollars and 2000 dollars.

Siberian cat Siberian cat

The price tag for such cats ranges from 1200 to 2500 dollars on average, these cats are distinguished by their large sizes, and their characters are close to dogs.

British Shorthair short-haired cat British Shorthair

The price of this cat ranges from 1200 dollars to 2300 dollars. According to the cat lovers association (cfa), these handsome cats are one of the most popular cat breeds.

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