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These ways will definitely make your cat happier

close up photo of tabby cat

When you look at cats you find them small, cute and more mobile creatures, it seems that they were born to play. However, some of their owners are families, and when they grow up and pass the childhood period, they see elderly pets who prefer nothing but napping and basking in the sun.

However, experts see the opposite, according to animal trainer Kristin Collins, CPDT, ASPC cats like to have something to occupy them. Without constructive activities to engage in, undesirable methods may be used, such as excessive twisting, urinating outside the litter box and scratching furniture. To keep your feline family members happy and active, consider entertaining them in the following ways:

Provide her with opportunities to explore

Cats love to explore new places and things. Paper shopping bags (with cut handles) and cardboard boxes are simple things that you can use daily. Provide her with a cat scratch suitable for her.

Make sure she gets“cat TV.”

You may want to watch TV for entertainment, but your cat probably prefers to see the great outdoors. Her unmissable programs include, She loves bird watching outside, she loves the view of nature and watching the neighbor next to you, so give her unhindered access to the windows in your house. If possible, hang bird feeders outside the windows frequented by your cat.

Do not forget about indoor viewing: many cats are fascinated by aquariums. Even mechanical aquariums, with fake fish moving across the screen, can appeal to your cat. And although she may not enjoy TV as much as you, your cat may take cat videos showing close-ups of birds and rodents.

Create opportunities for your cat to “look” for food

Make your cat look for food instead of letting her graze on her food all day. You can do this by hiding food around the house or placing it in food distribution games. And make her look for him to create excitement for her.

Playing with you

Try to interact with your cat by playing.  Consider activities that allow your cat to exercise its hunting instincts. Toys that resemble prey such as mice, like rodents, are popular with cats. You can move these toys towards and away from them so that you can catch them. Stick toys offer another way to entice a cat to play the hunting way – all while keeping her mind and body active.

There are many other activities and games that you can share with your cat. All you have to do is develop each of your skills and teach your cat some tricks, such as cuffing with a Cuffee or high five. Check out this article to learn how to teach your cat to paw with a Cuffee or high five

You will be amazed at how creative you and your cat are! No matter what you choose, it is very important to give your cat things to do that will keep her happy and healthy.

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