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Training cats on their name

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Training cats on their name

Although cats are gentle and obedient animals, sometimes they are stubborn and do not respond to your commands at all. During the breeding of cats, it is necessary to learn about the life of cats in detail for the possibility of dealing with them properly. One of the best characteristics of cats is their tendency to learn new things taking into account the improvement of their behavior and the possibility of training them for good things. And when breeding modern cats and calling them by the name assigned to them, the cat does not respond to you immediately but needs a couple of times. Therefore, today we will show you through the cooler website how to train cats on their name in addition to improving their personality.

Many skeptics are passionate about training cats on their name because cats in general are difficult to change their habits. Cats, unlike dogs, face many obstacles during their upbringing, which means that cat needs affection and tenderness most of the time. Moreover, it is difficult for her to respond to strange people only after a short period of hard training with her.




The right time to train cats on their name

As mentioned in the previous paragraphs, small cats respond quickly to training, unlike large cats. Because kittens or newborns quickly adapt to habits and behaviors that improve their personality and as such manage to train cats on their name. As for big cats that are difficult to accustom to new habits or another name for them, they are already getting used to another name for their call. Therefore, the best time to raise and train kittens is from the age of two or four months in order not to have much difficulty in dealing.



How to train cats on their name

There are some steps and basics that help you professionally train cats on their name and thus enable you to deal well with the language of cats. Pets and cats in general have a special language during the treatment with them and then they can change their character and habits. In order for the cat to fulfill your wishes and come to you during the call to her, you need to do these steps::

First: repeat the cat’s name call throughout the day without getting bored and be sure to call her by name at designated times. For example, while eating or taking her for a walk, as well as playing sports with her that she prefers. This is for the purpose of recognizing the cat’s name and in the same context linking the call to things that cats love.

Secondly, you should completely avoid the methods of shouting and exaggerated violence about the cat because this method does not work at all while dealing with cats. This means that the cat has a strong character and does not tend to be overly bossy to her because in that case he feels stubborn and does not follow orders.

Third: it is better to train a cat at a young age for her so that she can perceive and understand quickly. Moreover, she manages to get used to the name that echoes from the tongues of many during the appeal to her.

Fourth: link the cat’s call with a symbolic reward that your pet likes and prefers in order for him to respond quickly to get that reward.
Fifth: be sure to use an easy and simple name for your cat so that you can memorize it easily and not cause it any complexity.
Sixth: avoid regularly listing commands on your cat and do not force him to do something he does not want. So that the cat loves you and then involuntarily obeys you without force from its owner.

Seventh: always exclude the cat’s call by name when yelling at her or denying doing something. In this case, use the negation tool no, so that the cat does not associate its name with screaming or violence and cannot recognize it.


How to choose a cat’s name

So that your cat can quickly memorize its name and then train and adapt to it in a short time. Some important details should be followed that completely differentiate between cats and especially big cats, in addition to the possibility of them coming to you when listening to you.

At the beginning of the matter and before heading to call the cat by a certain name, you should assign an easy and simple name. In order to make it easier for the cat to memorize it quickly, on the other hand, it rubs its ear and recognizes it easily.
After choosing a name befitting your calm and beautiful cat, you should avoid changing it at all so that the cat’s mind is not distracted. In that case, she will not be able to answer you or go to you when you call her.

Be sure to give the cat a short and absolutely uncomplicated name in order not to face a problem or obstacle while training cats on its name.
It is better for you and your cat to choose a name for her that does not invalidate and is not temporarily popular. In the meantime, you can use it for many years without having to change it and run after the Trending of the many names.



How long does it take to train cats on their name?

This question is always being researched and people who are educators are looking for an answer to it. First of all, as we mentioned in the previous paragraphs of our article, it is most likely and always preferable to train cats on their name at a shortage. The shorter the cat’s life span, the faster its owner can train it and this is a very persistent and persistent treatment.

Of course, the cat’s education comes back since she joined at least 12 weeks old, and if necessary, she will not be able to, then your cat’s age should not be less than eight months in order not to take a long time to learn. In general, the duration of learning cats by their affiliated name is from 2 to 4 months, and the duration is short depending on the age of the cat that is training.


Some tips when training a cat

Be sure to train kittens to their name in a short time of their life. That is, at an early age she has it in order to help you quickly memorize her name.
Always choose a gift or reward for your cat and leave it aside and when the cat responds to training, do not hesitate to give it. This method is guaranteed to teach cats in a short time.

It is better to block the cat’s call by name while scolding her and always use the name only in pluses and good behavior.
After a period of good training for a cat, you have to go to a distant place and then call the cat. In the meantime, you will be able to find out how well the cat assimilates its name and then determine the rest period for the upcoming training.



And in conclusion, now we have finished telling in detail how to train cats to their name in a short time. And if you have any questions about the article, do not hesitate to leave us a comment and we will answer you immediately.

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