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What you don’t know about Siamese cats

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Siamese cats are distinguished by their skin colors, distinctive bodies and playful personalities. These cats are considered smart Royal cats, asthey are one of the most famous breeds of domestic cats in the world. Let’s get to know more about these special cats and their unique characteristics !

The origin of the Siamese cat

Siamese cats are one of the first well-known Asian cat breeds derived from a local breed called Wichian mat Wichian Mat, an original type of cat that dates back to Thai roots, which was once called Siam.

You can find it depicted in ancient manuscripts dating back to 1350. They were very loved. Interest in the Siamese cat through this show has increased and its popularity has increased.

Characteristics of Siamese cats

Siamese cats are considered curious, but intelligent pets. These cats can create a wide range of acoustic noises. This helps her express what she wants. These cats love people, and their intelligence helps to quickly teach them simple tricks.

Siamese kittens are born white, and in about four weeks, their coloring will appear on the colder parts of their body. This is a consequence of the partial albinism gene in her heat-sensitive body. As they age, their color will become darker.What you don’t know about Siamese cats
These cats are distinguished by their beautiful blue eyes, cream-colored coats with dark markings. There is a wide range of color markings in this family, containing dark brown markings while they may be blue dots with gray markings in other species. They can also vary from brown dots to red dots and even purple-colored dots.

Siamese cats are one of the longest-lived pets, they can live up to 20 years.  A visit to a veterinarian may be required if her mouth becomes irritated.

Types of Siamese cats

There are different types of bodies of these elegant cats. The traditional breed is the largest breed, as the Cats of this species are characterized by a round head resembling an Apple. As for the smaller cats with a triangular face, they are part of the classic breed. The modern breed or Wedgehead has a combination of classic and traditional appearance. All breeds have long noses, pointed ears and smooth bodies.

Care for Siamese cats

Spending time with your pet like a Siamese cat is the best way in raising and caring for a pet. And Siamese cats are pets who love to be with their owners, they quickly become very attached to them. Accompanying your cat, spending time with him and interacting positively with him will keep him active and keep him happy.

Cats are intelligent, lively, and have a close relationship with their owners, which indicates that they are spoiled cats. When the Siamese cats finish playing and moving, they return to sit in the arms of their owners to enjoy some warmth and affection, do not deprive them of this. , And at night she often sleeps near her owners.

Siamese cats are a more popular breed, which makes them more in demand from many families. And bringing one of them to your home will definitely bring you and your family extra joy.

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